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How to Install ModLoader for Minecraft 1.6.2 [Windows 7]

This tutorial is slightly outdated. Click this link for the updated portion:

Please read this entire description before asking for help; if you do require my assistance, please include details pertaining to your problem!

Yes, you can use 7-zip!


How to Get WinRAR for Free:
This method has been proven to work. You may get notifications when using WinRAR after 40 days, just close them.

Risugami's ModLoader:

How to fix a problem with Minecraft: [Needs to be updated]

If something doesn't work, watch the above video, and then find what your problem was in the section below and read what it says. When you've done all that, try again with your new knowledge.

1. Black Screen or Freezing at Update Screen -
There are a number of reasons this can happen, the most common issue is not deleting META-INF.

2. Minecraft Crash -
Again, there are many reasons why this can happen. First, if you had a mods folder in .minecraft BEFORE installing ModLoader, you need to delete that folder before installing! Second, make sure you are using the correct ModLoader version for your version of Minecraft. Third, you may have mods installed that conflict with each other or with ModLoader. Install ModLoader first, then other mods. Finally, never install more than one mod at the same time.

3. All your worlds, texture packs, etc. are missing -
This happens when you try to make a shortcut to .minecraft, but instead you drag the folder to your desktop or some other location. To fix it, delete the .minecraft in your roaming folder, then find the old .minecraft you moved out and put it back in roaming.

4. META-INF won't delete -
The most common reason this happens is you have Minecraft open while trying to install ModLoader. Close it completely.

5. The mods folder and/or ModLoader.txt document do not appear -
You may have forgotten to run Minecraft and go into a world. Another thing that may have caused this is force updating after installing ModLoader. You only force update if there is a problem (as stated at the top of this description). You see, when you force update, your Minecraft client redownloads all the game files. Thus, all your mod installations are erased. This is why force updating is a good way to FIX minecraft. However, force updating after trying to install a mod will undo everything you installed. One last thing, if you had two .minecraft folders in roaming, one just .minecraft and the other with a version number, try installing ModLoader to the one that you didn't already try in.

6. The ModLoader files will not drop into minecraft.jar -
This is usually caused when the folder does not download completely, you already used them, or the browser was closed. Anyway, redownload ModLoader, keep the browser open, and wait for it to completely finish downloading before installing.

7. The texture pack button doesn't say Mods and Texture Packs -
This button is only supposed to appear in an older version of Minecraft, so don't worry about it!

8. The ModLoader Tutorial world does not generate -
It really makes me wonder why the hell people think that a world is supposed to generate after installing ModLoader. ModLoader Tutorial is a world I made for the purpose of the video, you can go into any world you want for your installation.

9. I have two .minecraft folders. Which one do I install ModLoader to?
I am really not sure which one is the one you need, but I would say to try the one with a version number first. If that doesn't get a mods folder after installation, try the other one.

10. I don't have sound in Minecraft, but my sound is definitely on!
While in-game, press and hold F3, then press S. Sound should now be working.

Hopefully all this information will help you guys who can't seem to do it. If for some reason you still need to ask a question in the comments, please don't just say "it crashed", give me some details.

If, for some unholy reason, you cannot figure your problem out after reading this entire description and listening to my advice, the only way I can help you further is if you record your screen while attempting to install ModLoader and post the video as a response to this one.